Our values:

BORDOLOG A family business, founded on the values of respect, listening, and honesty. Low business Normandy, attached to its roots, to a certain quality of life and respect for the environment. A modern company that is constantly innovating to conquer new markets, meet challenges and continue to work with passion.

Our offers:

Transport BORDOLOG provide vehicle transport services, new or used, at European level, Whether it's a single car or 1000, we offer an appropriate solution for each unique travel demand. We organize transport in the Benelux, France, Spain and Portugal ...
We specialize in passenger car transport, all-terrain cars and light trucks.

Our Skills:

Track your vehicle is paramount during transport. We guarantee a refund of your orders at the earliest and safest conditions. We have many partners in the countries we work with to ensure monitoring from designing the patterns of distribution to delivery and monitoring of each vehicle, BORDOLOG offers optimized logistics solutions to meet the specific requirements of its customers by best conditions of costs, quality and deadlines. We provide long distance transport from the main loading points - factories and ports - to the dealer networks, regional distribution centers and ports.