Welcome to BORDOLOG

Transport BORDOLOG were built on strong choice, a desire to deepen their trade and develop specialized skills. Our goal is satisfaction of our clients and retention.

The car transport is not an ancillary activity for us, it is our core business and the heart of our business. Quality security and flexibility are our main assets: ask, and we ship !

Transport cars

Transport vehicles BORDOLOG provide transport services at national and international levels.
Car transport, goods vehicles or transport collection and prestige cars. Whatever the nature of your vehicle, the BORDOLOG Transport guarantee transport in perfect safety conditions and very carefully, since the management to delivery.

Transport for professionals and individuals

Transport BORDOLOG offer a comprehensive automotive logistics service: personalized quote and free, track your order, supported on your site vehicles, preparation for road, transport, direct delivery to site ...
Our qualified and professional teams are at your disposal to meet your expectations and advice.