Our vision

"The sustainability of a company born from the need of its choice. It is not without requirement of success. No sustainability without commitment. It is with this vision that BORDOLOG Transport are built. It is she who bears all his ambitions.

Imagining the future is always demand more of this. The requirement and commitment has always marked the footprint of BORDOLOG. These values represent the spirit of the group since its inception. Our ability to commit financial and human in every choice allows us to build high quality relationships with our clients, our teams and our partners.

By respecting these values, we obtained the trust of financial partners to develop offers and services tailored to the requirements of our customers. Today, the BORDOLOG Transport continues, step by step, its development, with the same desire: to offer the best in every moment.

The commitment and professionalism of its partners and collaborators, the group continues to grow but wishes to remain a human-sized company. By combining expertise and savoir-vivre, passion and reason, strength and opportunities, we give ourselves the means and the ambition to ensure the success and sustainability of the business. Our ambition is to build a powerful group to sustain it. "

Co Founder of BORDOLOG